I believe that to FEEL DEEPLY is a superpower, and I think it requires much courage to ALLOW ourselves to feel deeply.

As I’ve grown and matured, I have learned how to process all that flows through me, and my intention is always to come from a place of forgiveness, grace, and compassion. We are all human, and I definitely have my moments.

I do often feel alone at times, but I am trying to swim as much as I can in these waters to foster healing, evolve, and grow. I choose not to live in a space of avoidance but a space of constant, intentional PRESENCE. Presence is true peace.

Being an empath can be one’s greatest weakness, but it can also be one’s greatest strength. Knowing our boundaries and knowing how to create nurturing spaces to help ease these ebbs and flows is ESSENTIAL.

I used to think I was TOO much or that my waves of emotion were TOO much for those around me. I now see to the right people, that vulnerability can very much become a space or source of healing. We allow others to heal simply by showing the parts of us we think need to remain unseen.

I spend a lot of time grounding myself and finding peace within myself. It’s empowering.

My inherent faults are my greatest strengths.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings.



Confessions Of My Broken Heart

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