Deborah Zukowski
1 min readMar 7, 2022


It’s taken me a lifetime to be at HOME in my body.

This life journey has been one of BECOMING.

We are all in the process of BECOMING.

Embodiment is the only way to fully EMPOWER ourselves to BECOME.

I’ve learned we can’t build homes in other people.

We cannot rely on others to do the work for us.

We cannot count on people or things to change.

Our true power arises when we begin to take complete responsibility for our lives.

We are never a victim to our own choices.

I choose to show up with care, compassion, consideration, and love.

The art of healing is having the strength to em-BODY all that we are physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually.

It’s an impossible journey, but it’s essential.

I know it feels raw, but trust your intuition.

Never give up on yourself.

Get comfortable with the process of HEALING.



Deborah Zukowski

Confessions Of My Broken Heart.