My dog has these hauntingly human eyes. I always wondered what he saw before me.

I remember the first moment I saw you back in 2014. We were in bed with Karl looking for a doggie.

Again, those eyes.

I was thinking, how could anyone give you up? And I took you home.

You got me out of the house. You are my anti-depressant. You trusted me.

Walking Astro became a way to move my body, to meet my neighbors, to break my patterns.

You sleep on my legs every night. When you’re gone, I won’t know how to sleep anymore. Sometimes I worry about your death.

I want to love you as abundantly as you love me. I want to love others that way too.

I’m sorry I don’t take you on as many walks as you deserve. You have given me so much love, and I could never provide you with everything you deserve, but I do want to try.

You cuddle on my legs as I type

You don’t have to understand what I’m doing to trust me, to trust that it’s important to me, to believe me.

Life is heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

May we all embrace life like dogs.



Confessions Of My Broken Heart

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