Our humanness can be both messy and beautiful simultaneously. Perfection in anything is an unrealistic expectation. Vulnerability makes us HUMAN and gives us opportunity for growth.

I’ve learned so much this week about trust and responsibility. To trust is to place faith in healing, transformation, peace, abundance, connection, or even forgiveness. To have responsibility is to own what we can, but not worry about controlling what we can’t. At the core of both trust and responsibility is where we find stability and possibly even love. True love is an unconditional space of understanding, for ourselves as well as others. These traits and lessons aren’t easy, and they are a continual process in life. As we evolve, we grow deeper and deeper roots, while shedding the layers placed over us. Can we learn to appreciate the parts of ourselves that we don’t like? Can we learn to love and appreciate those pieces of others when they struggle with it as well? Can we HOLD SPACE for healing to take place? Are we brave enough to transform? If you believe in change, then please know that it starts within YOU. No one else can do it for you.

Healing is not linear. It’s uncomfortable, scary, and intense. It’s THE WORK. It’s the core of where our internal peace is found. It’s what sets us free. And while “healing” is a commonly used word, it’s the road less traveled, and it can feel lonely at times. Regardless, it’s the BRAVEST path of them all. This inner soul work gives us the connection we seek. For those on this path with me. Keep moving forward.

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