Perhaps the journey of loss is learning how to come back to oneself. It’s the art of re-BECOMING.

Because loss, no matter in what form it comes, will make you see what is void or lacking in life. Never again will I give up pieces of myself or lose myself by trying to save others. For individuals who tend to be givers, the process of setting boundaries or even practicing self-care can often feel brutal or like a betrayal.

I’ve taken some time to sit and think about it, and I realized, that not everyone wants to see the darker side of themselves, and not everyone wants to grow. I’ve committed my life to better myself and evolving. With this commitment comes a promise to always practice self-awareness and honesty, even on the darkest days when you really don’t want to look in the mirror.

Denial in any shape or form is extremely toxic, and it’s keeping our world from healing. There is no space for healing where blame is present.

I now choose to stand for accountability, self-awareness, and proper boundary setting.

May we all have the courage to pursue our heart's deepest desires to live with at most intention.


Confessions Of My Broken Heart

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