Deborah Zukowski
1 min readAug 7, 2022


Healing Intentions

In the journey of loss, we find our way,
Learning to return to ourselves each day,
Re-BECOMING, an art we master well,
Embracing the voids, the stories we tell.

Loss reveals what’s lacking, what’s amiss,
Teaching us to reclaim what we miss,
No longer sacrificing, no more giving in,
Preserving ourselves, where to begin.

For givers, boundaries may seem cruel,
Yet vital for the self, a steadfast rule,
Taking time to ponder, to introspect,
Realizing growth, a sacred project.

Not everyone seeks their shadows deep,
But I commit to growth, my soul to keep,
In darkness or light, I’ll face the truth,
Embrace self-awareness, in age or youth.

Denial’s poison halts our world’s repair,
Blame breeds discord, leaving scars to bear,
Accountability, the path we choose,
With boundaries set, we’ll never lose.

May courage guide us, our dreams to chase,
Living with intention, in every space,
May hearts align with desires true,
As we journey on, me and you.



Deborah Zukowski

Confessions Of My Broken Heart. Writing is deeply tied to my tendency to overthink rather than simply express thoughts. However, I am not a writer.