Be conscious of your self-talk. It’s your conversation with the universe.

One of the main intentions I have set this year is to be more compassionate with myself — for my self-discussion to become encouraging and uplifting as opposed to that downward hopelessly hopeless fatalistic spiral we create in our minds at times. I’ll be honest. After 2022 I feel exhausted.

I may have gained strength and discernment after having been through so much, but my inner voice sounds tired. I am learning about a deeper meaning behind self-love. It isn’t just about eating well, exercising, taking bubble baths, etc. It’s about digging deeper and resolving terrifying triggers that run deep within us, because whether we like it or not we can’t hide how we feel forever, and this energy affects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around us because we are all one, our love for ourselves — how we communicate to ourselves — is how we essentially communicate to the universe.

What is the message you want to send out into the world? What does your self-talk look like, and how can you transform it into something infinitely positive?

Let the universe hear you.

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