Soulful Conversations

Be conscious of your self-talk, oh dear soul,
For it’s your dialogue with the universe whole.
Intentions set, for compassion’s embrace,
To uplift, encourage, in love’s sacred space.

No longer sinking in despair’s abyss,
But rising above in hope’s gentle kiss.
After 2022’s wearying plight,
A yearning for peace, for a guiding light.

Strength gained through trials, discernment found,
Yet within, a voice, tired and bound.
Learning the depths of self-love’s true grace,
Beyond mere acts, in a deeper place.

It’s not just about baths and exercise,
But confronting fears that within us arise.
For our inner turmoil, our silent plea,
Ripples outward, affecting all we see.

What message to the world do you impart?
In the language of self, what’s in your heart?
Transform the whispers, the doubts that creep,
Into affirmations, promises to keep.



Deborah Zukowski

Confessions Of My Broken Heart. Writing is deeply tied to my tendency to overthink rather than simply express thoughts. However, I am not a writer.