Softness Isn’t Weakness — It’s strength

It requires much patience and compassion to keep your heart open when you’ve been hurt over and over again. LOVE is who we are. We can be soft and POWERFUL simultaneously.

Don’t be afraid to be open, honest, and authentic. Ultimately, our humanness is what connects us most.

Our humanness is both messy and beautiful.

Healing is transformation, peace, abundance, or even forgiveness. To have responsibility is to own what we can, but not worry about controlling what we can’t. At the core of both trust and responsibility is where we find stability and possibly even love. True love is an unconditional space of understanding, for ourselves as well as others

Healing is not linear. It’s uncomfortable and intense. It’s THE WORK.

It’s the core of where our internal peace is found. It’s what sets us free. And while “healing” is a commonly used word, it’s the road less traveled, and it can feel lonely at times. Regardless, it’s the BRAVEST path of them all. This inner soul work gives us the connection we seek.

We will always be evolving physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Change is a choice. We are forever given the grace to grow, expand, and become.



Confessions Of My Broken Heart

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