Something I’ve learned about myself is this: I am fully capable of my own healing.

Understanding my inner workings has forced me to be even more conscious of my own self-talk. If it’s not with LOVE, it cannot happen. Love is the most powerful healing force of all.

I don’t need to call my friends every time something hurts — I do better by first going WITHIN and time to process my emotions. I have the key within myself.

Another thing I’ve learned: sharing too much with your friends without asking is highly inappropriate. It shows a lack of boundaries for their space. I’m on my journey to learning better boundaries with myself and with others.

This mentality also gives us permission to take full responsibility over our own emotions, pains, changes, relationships, healing, and more.

We are capable of our own healing. No one else can do it for you. When in doubt go within, the answers are there waiting for you.

Confessions Of My Broken Heart

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