Crafting Healthy Connections

Deborah Zukowski
1 min readMar 4, 2023

In the dance of love, tread carefully,
For not all paths lead to harmony.
Struggle love, a deceptive guise,
Where happiness fades and peace denies.

Avoid the bonds that drain your soul,
Where every day feels like a toll.
Love shouldn’t be a constant fight,
But a beacon of joy, a guiding light.

To forge connections deep and true,
Begin with caring for you.
For within yourself, the love resides,
A sanctuary where hope abides.

No other can complete your heart,
Only within can healing start.
Set boundaries firm, let your voice be heard,
In healthy relationships, love is assured.

It’s a journey to rebuild and mend,
To find the love that has no end.
Last year’s trials, a rebirth in art,
From ashes rise a brand new heart.

Discovering strength in softness found,
In vulnerability, courage profound.
To stay open despite the pain,
Is to dance in love’s sweet refrain.

Have faith in yourself, in your worth,
In the dreams that stir within the earth.
Get clear on what your heart desires,
Let your soul’s fire light the pyres.

Trust not in others, but in you,
In the truths that ring pure and true.
Stand firm in alignment, resolute and bold,
Let love letters to yourself be told.

In the grand story of love’s embrace,
Remember, it’s your own heart’s space.
So cherish yourself, your dreams, your flaws,
For in loving you, love’s purest cause.



Deborah Zukowski

Confessions Of My Broken Heart. Writing is deeply tied to my tendency to overthink rather than simply express thoughts. However, I am not a writer.