Sacred Flames

Life’s rhythm, a dance of death and rebirth,
A constant cycle, upon the earth,
To fully partake is to embrace the fray,
And let the old self fade away.

The good, the essence of growth and change,
In willingly accepting the pain’s range,
You shed the layers, let go the past,
And from the ashes, new dreams amass.

For when someone points out the deadwood’s plight,
Though it may sting, and dim the light,
Embrace the burn, let the flames consume,
For from the ashes, new life will bloom.

So fear not the pain, the sting, the strife,
For in death, there’s the promise of life,
And with each trial, each painful test,
We’re reborn anew, our souls refreshed.



Deborah Zukowski

Confessions Of My Broken Heart. Writing is deeply tied to my tendency to overthink rather than simply express thoughts. However, I am not a writer.